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Mega Man: Corruption, A Mega Man fan game created by Brynn1100, and idea by SMUS16475
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Mega Man
: Corruption is a 2013 Mega Man fan game created by Brynn1100, with the game idea from spriting/gaming Super Mario 64 machinimist SMUS16475. SMUS came up with the idea as a "11th" game in the series at first, but that wasn't when he wanted to add himself into the game. So, he decided the idea to be a fan game. And, that's when Brynn1100, SMUS's friend, came along. He promised SMUS to make the game possible. SMUS told him the entire story of the game. Brynn and SMUS did all they can to make the game possible, which is when the trailer came, by SMUS16475. It was the trailer of the demo. The complete game will be done either the end of the year or next year 2014.

The story of Mega Man: Corruption is as follows:

The game began when the screen shows a flashback of Mega Man beating Dr. Wily 3 years ago, and showing Wily escaping, leaving a entire big pack of robot medicine, thus the game of Mega Man 10 ended.
Three years later,
Dr. Light has been hearing reports of alien abductions and UFOs flying around the world.
They are not certain if it is the work of Dr. Wily after what happened 3 years ago.
Mega Man was sent to fight the 8 alien robot masters to bring the one behind this to justice.
Suddenly, when he started, he stumbled upon a portal where SMUS16475 comes in
and told Mega Man that him & the unknown alien race came from the future.
So, him and Mega Man teamed up to destroy them, when a sudden meteorite hits Mega Man. The meteor strike corrupted Mega Man with his new old-of-this-world power. He can do a mega blast 10 times his original. Dr. Light had known what Mega Man was told, because SMUS told Dr. Light. So, all he did was tell him and Mega Man to go out on an adventure and find the 8 alien robot masters and destroy them!

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